Developer services that go where you do
Group your app's third-party services into bundles easily accessible from any host environment.
Provision & configure services in one command.
Conflux makes it possible to provision new developer services in one simple command. Further configuration — new libraries, config vars, or service-specific files — is taken care of for you, reducing setup time and allowing you to focus more on your product.
Configure once. Use anywhere.
Whether locally or in the cloud, where you host your app shouldn't matter when it comes to your third-party services. Conflux services are platform-agnostic, so once they're provisioned, you can access them from any platform or share them across multiple. One command is all it takes to connect to the service bundle you see fit.
Clone & scale services across environments.
Spinning up a new dev environment shouldn't require you to manually configure a whole new set of services. Conflux lets you clone your service bundles in one click, with an easy means of scaling up services along the way. Not only does this reduce setup time, but it also helps ensure parity across dev environments.
Abstract away config management.
Forget needing to maintain a local copy of integration configs in order for your app to work. Conflux consolidates all of your services' configs into one secure location that's always in sync with every developer on your team.
Define user roles for improved security.
Not every developer on your team needs access to all of your third-party services, especially those in production. Built-in user roles make it easy to specify exactly who on your team has access to the tools that matter most.